Singapore Metrication Board Singapore Metrication Board

Singapore Metrication Board

Logo for a board in charge of Singapore's conversion to the metric system

Lee Chee Kang
Singapore Metrication Board

Logo for the 15-member board overseeing Singapore's 1970s drive to convert from the imperial systems of measurement to the metric system. The design uses a 10-within-a-10 to depict how the metric system increases by the power of ten.

It was created by Lee Chee Kang, then a 20-year-old student at the Baharuddin Vocational Institute. He beat 233 entries by about 150 participants and received $1,000 for his effort. The competition brief was for an emblem to be used with publicity materials to "encourage the learning and use of metric system in Singapore". It was limited to two colours, excluding white.