Since its founding in 2011 as the Singapore Visual Archive, this independent organisation has sought to collect and document graphic design from the Southeast Asian city-state to encourage research on the industry, and to promote a critical appreciation of the city-state’s visual culture.

In 2016, it was rebranded as the Singapore Graphic Archives to reflect its focus on graphic design and visual communication. Our current interest is in materials that are significant to the history of modern Singapore and its design industry. These include designs for national projects, the public sector, and the arts and culture.

This archiving system was kindly designed by Singapore digital agencies, Pettycache and Watchtower Digital.

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We strive to maintain the accuracy of our images and contents, but our process has certain limitations. Many of the images are colour photocopies and scans from printed matter so the colour may not be precise. Information about the design is also based on what materials we have discovered at the point of publishing. It may be updated as and when new information appears. As much as we can, we will point our references so you may verify or conduct your own research.

We do not own copyright over any of the materials in this archive unless stated otherwise. We have collected them here for educational and research purposes only. Please seek the permission of the respective owners if you intend to use them in other ways.