A list of databases, essays, publications and exhibition related to Singapore's design and visual culture. If you know of others, please write to info@graphic.sg.

Last update: 14 April 2017.



  • Annual Advertising Award 1963(1964)
    by Creative Circle Singapore
  • Creative Circle of Singapore Annuals (1980-)
    by Association of Accredited Advertising Agents of Singapore
    Also known as the Gong Show, this is an annual award given out for the best advertising and graphic design in Singapore.
  • Designer (2001-2008)
    by Designers Association Singapore
    A publication on design in Singapore and around the world.
  • Designworks: A Showcase of Members’ Works (1994)
    by Designers Association Singapore
  • INDEPENDENCE: The history of graphic design in Singapore since the 1960s (2012)
    by Justin Zhuang for The Design Society
  • 全国实用美展 [National Commercial Art Exhibition] (1977)
    by 星洲美术广告协会 (Singapore Commercial Art Society)
  • Singapore Design Golden Jubilee Award (2015)
    Citations on the pioneers of Singapore design as selected by the DesignSingapore Council.
  • Signs of the times (1995)
    Edited by Lee Chang Siang for S.A.G. Books
    A collection of logotypes and trademark designs of Singapore.
  • Singapore School Crests: The Stories Behind the Symbols (2013)
    by Justin Zhuang for Singapore Memory Project
    Trends of school crest designs in Singapore.
  • The Design Society Journal (2009-)
    The Design Society
    A bi-annual magazine that has essays on Singapore’s design history and visual culture.


  • A Design of Its Time (2010)
    by Justin Zhuang for The Design Society Journal No. 00
    A survey of the publication design of Singapore’s leading newspaper, The Straits Times, from 1959 – 2009.
  • A Vision Realised (2013)
    by Justin Zhuang for The Design Society Journal No. 06
    On how the 20/20 design exhibition series presented Singapore design to the world.
  • East and West: Graphic Design in Singapore Today (2014)
    by Justin Zhuang for Design Observer
    An excerpt from INDEPENDENCE on Singapore’s contemporary design scene.
  • Enter the Dragon: Look Back to the Future of Singapore Design (2014)
    by Justin Zhuang for Design Observer
    Examining the trend of using heritage as the new muse for Singapore design.
  • Got Singapore Design (2012)
    by Justin Zhuang for The Design Society Journal No. 05
    In search of what it takes to create a piece of “Singapore design”.
  • Lest We Forget: The importance of history in Singapore and Malaysia Comics (2009)
    by Lim Cheng Tju for International Manga Research Center
    A historical background of editorial comics in Singapore.
  • Powering the Art of Design (2013)
    by Justin Zhuang for The Design Society Journal No. 07
    Survey on the ephemera design for Singapore’s independent art centre, The Substation.
  • Rotis Revolution in my head (2004)
    by Karen Huang for Snog Blog
    An investigation of the choice of Rotis for Singapore’s street signage.
  • See this City's Voice (2009)
    by Justin Zhuang for Singapore Architect #251
    An essay about the typefaces one sees in the city of Singapore.
  • The Rise of Style: Singapore Architecture and Media (2006)
    by Tan Kok Meng for Quarterly Literary Review Singapore 6, no. 1.
  • The Zouk Flyer Chronicles (2014)
    by Dawn Lim for The Design Society Journal “Anew”
    A survey of ephemera designed for discotheque Zouk.
  • Visualising Local Identities: Post-war Graphic Design in Singapore
    by Leong K. Chan
  • Visualising Multi-Racialism in Singapore: Graphic Design as a Tool for Ideology and Policy in Nation Building (2011)
    by Leong K. Chan for Design Issues Winter 2011, Vol. 27, No. 1
  • Vote For Me! (2011)
    by Justin Zhuang for The Design Society Journal No. 03
    A survey of the ephemera produced by Singapore’s political parties for the General elections.
  • Where to next? (2010)
    by Justin Zhuang for The Design Society Journal No. 01
    The evolution of Singapore’s public transport information system from the 1970s till today.


  • 100 ICONS (2010)
    by Jackson Tan for The Design Society · Singapore
    An exhibition featuring 100 of Singapore’s logos and brands.
  • 20/20 (2004-2007)
    by Jackson Tan for DesignSingapore Council · Singapore
    A series of four annual showcases—”Vision”, “Under Construction", “Movement” and “Base“—in Singapore of local design talents, including a 2006 edition that traveled to the London Design Festival.
  • Creative Cultures: The Singapore Showcase (2012)
    by Hjgher for DesignTide Tokyo · Japan
  • Fifty Years of Singapore Design [1965-2015] (2015)
    by WY-TO for DesignSingapore Council · Singapore
    A permanent show up in the National Design Centre that commemorates works designed in this country over the last five decades.
  • New Wave: Singapore’s Contemporary Design Culture (2008)
    by Jackson Tan for centre of creative communication (ccc) · Japan
    A showcase of Singapore design talents that came out from the 20/20 exhibitions.
  • Shiok! A Gastronomy of Singapore Design (2010)
    by Jackson Tan for centre of creative communication (ccc) · Japan
    Commissioned for the inaugural Asian Design Conference.
  • SINGAPOREdge: Design Culture in Singapore (2005)
    by DesignSingapore Council · United Kingdom
    A showcase in London of 100 Singapore design talents.
  • Singapore: Inside Out (2015)
    by Randy Chan for Singapore Tourism Board · China, United Kingdom & USA
    A traveling showcase of Singapore’s art and design scene as part of efforts to brand it as a creative city.
  • Singapore Supergarden (2008)
    by FARM for DesignSingapore Council · Italy
    A pavilion to showcase Singapore’s creative community for the Venice Architecture Biennale.