United Overseas Land United Overseas Land

United Overseas Land

Logo for a property arm of the United Overseas Bank

Central Design (中央設計公司),William Lee Siew Choon (李秀镌)
United Overseas Land

The logo which shows two interlocking 'U's emphasises the fact that UOL is part of the United Overseas Bank group. The horizontal line on which the two 'U's stand represents “land and stability”. Green has been chosen because the colour symbolises earth and growth.

Designed by William Lee to replaced an earlier rebrand, this logo also represents a simplified Chinese character ‘业’ (ye), which means “enterprise” or “profession. It is a pictorial expression of the professionalism that underlines all UOL property development projects. The youthful green also represents UOL’s “zest in pursuit of fresh ideas that will result in a sustainable built environment and long-term value for all our business endeavours”.