National Trades Union Congress National Trades Union Congress

National Trades Union Congress

Logo for a national confederation of trade unions

William Wan Lim
National Trades Union Congress

The logo consists of a spanner that portrayed the hopes and aspirations of the working class, an octagon shape representing multi-racialism in Singapore, and eight cogs of a wheel, representing:

  1. National solidarity and well-being
  2. Dignity of labour
  3. Brotherhood of workers
  4. Industrial peace with justice
  5. Modernisation of the Labour Movement
  6. Progress of labour
  7. Cooperation of labour
  8. Co-equal in the tripartite partnership of labour, government and management in the social, economic and political advancement of Singapore.

The colour scheme consists of a red that represents the international brotherhood of workers, while the white stands for purity, honesty and integrity of the Labour Movement.

In 2008, it was replaced when the union underwent a rebranding exercise.