ASEAN Bankers' Conference ASEAN Bankers' Conference

ASEAN Bankers' Conference

Logo of the inaugural gathering of bankers from five countries that made up ASEAN

Victor Goh (吴刚)
ASEAN Bankers' Conference

A flower in full bloom was used to symbolise a new era among banks from the five countries that then made up the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in 1976. Bankers from the countries met at an inaugural conference organised to promote closer co-operation.

The blue flower was set against a white background to signify purity, integrity and trust. It was was created by linking five circles that stand for the unity of the different countries involved, and the elements are of the same proportion to signal equality. The design also resembles human with hands coming together like a chain to project co-operation and suggest security. Finally, the logo's endless revolving movement represents progress too.

The conference was held in Singapore from 22 to 25 August 1976. It led to the formation of an ASEAN Bankers Association, which continues to use this logo. However, the design has been expanded with more circles over the years to reflect the 10 member countries now in it.