National Day Parade 2007 National Day Parade 2007

National Day Parade 2007

Logo for parade celebrating Singapore's 42nd birthday

Singapore Armed Forces

The logo centres around Marina Bay, which was where the parade was held for the first time in its history.

The outline of buildings are used to form the word “NDP @ Marina Bay”, while flowing waves below the skyline represent the vibrancy of the global city. The five stars represents Singapore’s core values and celebrates our people living in harmony amidst ethnic and religious diversity. The wave motif on the right adds a sense of movement and vibrancy, and also balances the letters “NDP”.

The overall colour scheme follows the official logo the district. The orange represents the passion and determination to build a dynamic city of possibilities. Purple embodies dignity and hope as Singaporeans come together to celebrate the nation’s independence. Blue signifies confidence in overcoming challenges and adversities as well as the grace and harmony of Singapore as a “Garden City”.