Bukit Timah Plaza Bukit Timah Plaza

Bukit Timah Plaza

Logo for a regional shopping centre located in Bukit Timah

Ocean and Capital Properties

Completed in 1979, Bukit Timah Plaza was one of the first shopping centres to be built outside of Singapore's city centre. The "regional shopping centre" concept was thought to help support the growth of new residential areas by providing a one-stopping shopping facility for those living in the suburban area.

The logo features the initials of the development and was originally more blockish and abstract. But the design was changed in time for its opening in November 1978.


"It'll be quieter in town today!" The Straits Times, 11 November 1978, 10.
"Ocean & Capital Properties announce an exciting new retail development: Bukit Timah Plaza." Business Times, 19 November 1976, 3.