Singapore Educational Media Service Singapore Educational Media Service

Singapore Educational Media Service

Volume 13 Issue 4 of a magazine produced for an educational television service

Singapore Educational Media Service

Dimensions: 210 x 297 mm

This is the magazine of the Singapore Educational Television Service (ETV), an initiative launched by the Ministry of Education in 1967. This service produced television programmes on a variety of subjects taught in Singapore's secondary schools which were broadcasted in television sets provided by the government. The service was later expanded to produce programmes for primary schools and adult learning too.

In 1973, ETV became known as the Singapore Educational Media Service (SEMS) when it was integrated into the Audiovisual section of the Ministry of Education. Then in 1980, it was reorganised into the Division of Educational Technology (DET) under the newly established Curriculum Development Institute of Singapore (CDIS). With restructuring of CDIS in 1996, DET became the Educational Technology Division (ETD), a separate entity on its own. The advent of new technologies such as CD-ROMs and VCDs for schools led to the the end of ETV broadcasts ceased from September 1999.