SIAJ No. 5 SIAJ No. 5

SIAJ No. 5

Journal by an institute representing the architecture profession in Singapore

Singapore Institute of Architects

Dimensions: 210 x 297 mm
Publication Committee: Lim Chong Keat (Chairman), Lee Yee Mah, Toh Shung Fie, Wee Chwee Heng, Jack Tan Eng Kiat, Tan Cheng Siong, Lim Chin Leong, Choy Weng Yang (Layout Consultant)
Publisher: Graphic Publications

The cover illustrated the major role the Housing and Development Board (HDB) had in shaping the density of Singapore. The SIAJ noted the public housing agency's use of standardisation was resulting in homogeneous mega blocks, and it called for greater attention and development "towards Architecture as opposed to building".

  • October 1966. Journal of the Singapore Institute of Architects (No. 5).