1977 Souvenir Magazine 1977 Souvenir Magazine

1977 Souvenir Magazine

Souvenir magazine for an association of arts and crafts teachers

Singapore Teachers' Art & Crafts Association (新加坡美术与手工艺協會)

Printer: 天虹印刷有限公司

The ideas for the organisation was first mooted in in 1968 by teachers attending an arts and crafts course at the Teachers' Training College. They believed it would be useful to the arts and crafts education in Singapore. It was officially registered in 1974.

Its founding members included See Chin Chuang, Foo Yong Jang, Ang Chwee Sun, Cheong Weng Yat, Ang Oo Seng, Aw Juan Hui, Chang Chong Jou, Chua Tok Nam, Goh Siew Guan, Goh Tiat Ming, Sia Cheon Pin, Syn Yong Kee, Tan Chwee Kim, Wong Han King, Wong Yan Poh, Tang Tak Seng, Chew Kum Lai, Chee Yong Fang, Chan Hoon Kheng, Khoo Chew Bway, Lim Meng Wah, Loi Lai Kam, Ng Yoh Leng, Shyng Kek Lan, TAn Soh Kheng and Tham Lai Lin.