In Memoriam RBF In Memoriam RBF

In Memoriam RBF

Invite for an Alpha Gallery exhibition to commemorate Buckminster Fuller

Alpha Gallery

Dimensions: 200 x 140 mm (closed)

Invite for an exhibition to commemorate the first anniversary passing of American inventor Richard Buckminster Fuller. This was organised by Alpha Gallery founder, Lim Chong Keat and brother Lim Chong Beng, who both knew "Bucky" personally. The exhibition showcased their photographs of Bucky's visits to Penang, Singapore and Bali. It also featured diagrams of his works, and artefacts of the Dymaxion, a body of work in which Bucky aimed to create maximum gain of advantage from minimal energy input.

The exhibition was held from 12 to 26 July. The guest of honour at the opening was Edward F. Conyngham, the director of the United States Information Service, American Embassy.