Public Utilities Board Public Utilities Board

Public Utilities Board

Logo for a agency supplying power, gas and water

Chew Man Cheong
Public Utilities Board

The PUB was set up in 1963 to unify the once separate corporations or board managing the public utilities of electricity and gas. The logo depicts a power station, gas holder and flowing water all enclosed within a circle. They denote the three essential utilities—electricity, water and gas—handled by the board.

The logo emerged from a public competition won by commercial artist Chew Man Cheong. It was picked from the 1,000 entries received, and Chew was rewarded with a prize of $1,000. The competition was the third organised by PUB in its year-long search for perfect logo. The first was held only amongst employees, then secondary school students, and finally the public.

In 1977, the logo was replaced by a new design to signify the 24-hour service it rendered.