Brickworks Town Council Brickworks Town Council

Brickworks Town Council

Logo for a managing body in charge of Alexandra, Queenstown and Brickworks

Wong Ban Yong
Brickworks Town Council

The three blocks represent the housing estates of Alexandra, Queenstown and Bricksworks, while the green plants symbolise the natural beauty that surrounds it. The overall rectilinear and near logo indicates the town council's aim to maintain the beauty and neatness of the estate.

The entry won a logo competition judged by the senior graphic designer of the Housing and Development Board, lecturers of Baharuddin Vocational Institute as well as the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. There was a prize money of S$500.

The council was chaired by Chay Wai Chuen, the Member of Parliament for Brickworks group representation constituency.

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