Lawrence Wong Heng Kwok (黄兴国) Lawrence Wong Heng Kwok (黄兴国)

Lawrence Wong Heng Kwok (黄兴国)

Winner of various high-profile logo design competitions

(1936–2008, b. Singapore)

A regular participant—and winner—of design competitions in the 1970s and 1980s, Wong's modern and abstract logos were adopted by major public agencies, many of which remain in use today.

From a young age, Wong displayed an ability for visual perception. His siblings recall how their brother could stare at creases on crumpled clothing and be able to draw out beautiful scenes. They also fondly remember the many movie tickets Wong won from colouring contests organised by cinemas, one of many design-related competitions he would enthusiastically participate in.

After finishing his education at Anglo-Chinese School, Wong enrolled in a part-time architectural draughtsman course at the Singapore Polytechnic. In 1954, Wong started working at the Public Utilities Board (PUB) where he stayed on for over four decades. According to his siblings, it was then PUB Chairman Dr. Ong Swee Law who encouraged his employee to take his gift for design seriously by commissioning Wong to design materials for PUB. Dr. Ong also roped in Wong to design for the Singapore Zoological Gardens which he helped established in the early 1970s.

In 2008, Wong passed away peacefully at the age of 72.


  • 1970 — Poster for “Keep Singapore Clean and Pollution Free” campaign by Ministry for Health (Consolation Prize for Open Competition)
  • 1972 — Poster for industrial safety and health campaign by Ministry for Labour (Commendation Prize for Open Competition)
  • 1975 — Logo for the Radio Television Singapura contest (co-winner with Loh Hong Liat)
  • 1975 — Logo for the Department of Civil Aviation (1st)
  • 1978 — Logo for the Mount Elizabeth Hospital (1st)
  • 1980 — Logo for Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (1st)
  • 1982 — Logo for CISCO (1st)
  • 1983 — Logo for Mass Rapid Transit (1st)
  • 1985 — Logo for National Water Conservation Campaign (Merit)

Photograph courtesy of Lawrence Wong's family


  • Personal correspondence with Patrick Wong, August 2020.