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Hagley & Hoyle

One of Singapore’s earliest graphic design houses founded by British creative directors John Hagley and Brian Hoyle.

The specialist graphic house was founded by British creative directors John Hagley and Brian Hoyle. Both were working in advertising agencies in Singapore when they came together to form studio dedicated to offering design services.

The impetus for forming the company originated from Hoyle being invited by the publisher of Asia Magazine and senior member of The Straits Times Publishing group, Adrian Zecha, to join the organisation as a Creative Director. Sensing an opportunity to serve the larger advertising and marketing sector as an independent company, Hagley invited Hoyle to form a partnership with Asia Magazine and The Straits Times as its clients.

From its inception in 1969, the firm quickly gained many private and public sector clients and was also instrumental in helping the newly formed Batey Advertising which clinched the prestigious Singapore Airlines account. The company later created its own trade publications including the highly successful, Showcase Singapore.

In the 1970s, Hagley left the company to set up his own. In 1975, Hoyle who sold his control of the company to employees Tom Hodge, Peggy Tan and Shakib Gunn and returned to the UK. The company still remains in operation.