For the inaugural Fikra Graphic Design Biennial, SGA worked with gideon-jamie to create an installation as part of the "Department of Non-Binaries" curated by common-interest.

A selection of logos from the archives were displayed side-by-side via an analogue slide projector and a digital LCD projector.

The write-up accompanying the work:

"Singapore’s recent history is often summarised as a leap from the so-called third world to the developed world. In just five decades, the former British colony has grown to become a gleaming cosmopolitan city-state. Graphic design has played a significant role in this accelerated modernisation project, which can partially be witnessed through this loose collection of one hundred symbols and logos from Singapore government agencies, organizations, and corporations since the 1960s. Presented in an ambivalent and seemingly counterproductive manner, this installation encourages alternative readings of the 'Singapore Story.' It hints at the challenges and complexities that befall the production and understanding of design in a nation where progress is an imperative."

For the launch of a refreshed SGA in 2020, a digital edition of the work was created: