Compiled by Singapore Graphic Archives in collaboration with Temporary Press
Published by Temporary Press
Typeset in FF Real

A loose selection of graphic symbols and logos in Singapore from year 1956 to 2003, collected and compiled by Justin Zhuang through the Singapore Graphic Archives . It also includes an afterword in the form of a written conversation between the author and Temporary Press, a reflection on the intentions and perspectives of the archives and the its contents.

Copies are still available from Temporary Press.

Varying Progressions: Selected Graphic Symbols of Singapore, 1956–2003

Based upon the book, we were invited to participate in the inaugural Fikra Graphic Design Biennial 01 [2018]. We worked with gideon-jamie to put up an installation as part of the "Department of Non-Binaries". The following is an accompanying text supplement that was made available to visitors.


You can download a PDF edition here.