William Lee Siew Ngug (李秀镌) William Lee Siew Ngug (李秀镌)

William Lee Siew Ngug (李秀镌)

The father of modernist logos in Singapore

Prior to setting up Central Design in 1969, Lee spent over a decade studying and working in Australia, Holland and the United Kingdom.

He originally headed to Australia to study architecture but obtained a Certificate of Art instead. Lee then headed to Amsterdam where he completed a Diploma of Advertising and Typographical Design. He next left for London to study in St Martin’s College of Art where he received a National Diploma in Design. After working for several years as an art director in London advertising agency Pritchard Wood and Associates, Lee returned to Singapore to set up his own advertising and design house.

Onw of his first assignments was to design commemorative postage stamps in 1970. “Shipping Development” became the first of his many stamp designs as Lee became one of Singapore's most well-known graphic designer. He also developed the corporate identity programme for the national carrier Singapore Airlines, expanding upon American consultant Walter Landor Associate’s logo. His firm also handled the advertising accounts for several of the likes of local modern shopping centre People’s Park Complex, Japanese consumer electronic brand Akai and the Swiss watch brand Longines.


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