• Dimensions: 297 x 210 mm
  • Publication Committee: Lim Chong Keat (Chairman), Lee Yee Mah, Toh Shung Fie, Wee Chwee Heng, Jack Tan Eng Kiat, Tan Cheng Siong, Lim Chin Leong, Choy Weng Yang (Layout Consultant)
  • Publisher: Graphic Publications

The cover was in response to SIAJ's concern that Singapore's vehicle population was growing unchecked. It noted that Singapore now had over 100,000 vehicles and was headed towards half a million. "Can we afford to have 9 lanes in North Bridge Road?" stated the cover note. The institute urged the government to implement a rapid transit system in the central area as the present number of passenger cars meant that 10 multi-storied carparks were needed to be built.


  • October 1966. Journal of the Singapore Institute of Architects (No. 6).

Scanned from the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library